Welcome To The Ring Isles

Center of the World

Greetings traveler, and welcome to The Ring Isles, the "Capitol of the World"! Yeah, they moved the real Capitol back to Vede a ways back, but don't let that fool ye! Who cares where the Queen lives,THIS is the greatest city in the world. Well, except Chelai, I suppose, but neither of us will likely get there, now will we? So that don't matter. The Ring is where modern Yra is made everyday, and Chelai, well, that's just an old and dusty bunch o' artifacts now ain't it? You got coin? I know the city…show ye about?

The Ring is the glorious city where Gryphons roam the streets - just step over the dung, there- where Praesal the Builder created Cryptomancy, the center of the greatest empire man has ever known! I been around, me, and there's not much out there in the skies won't curse or kill ye, so ye may as well settle in and get comfortable. You got a look about ye what says you are not from around here, so I'll let ye in on what needs be known.

We're smack in the middle of the Known World, here's where Praesal's Armillary is, up there on the high plaza.

We're safe from the Wyrms here, what with all the Gryphons. There's wee ones here, too. Housegraff, they're called. Keep the city free of vermin, is what they say, but I don't care for 'em. Practically vermin themselves. Tourists like to feed 'em, which keep tourists safe. Aubertai's hand be on ye if ye don't feed 'em, and don't get caught near the Rookery with a sack of sugar after dark!

What's the rookery? Have you hit your head? It's where the battle Gryphons are raised and trained, home of the Graff Knights

I'm off track now, where was I? Second largest city… used to be the capitol…gryphons everywhere…

Ah, yes. The Cerulean Hawks. The fellas in the blue tabards armed to the teeth are our Marcelline "guests". There was an upstart prince a decade back, what got it in his head he could run the UISG better than old Alinosh, rest his soul, and when he botched the coup…well…Alabaster and the Cerulean Hawks stepped in and took the city. People got back to daily life pretty quick, what else can you do, but don't mention Alabaster Ironhand in certain taverns.

"The Mark", you say? Never heard of 'em. Them's just rumours. Next you'll be tellin me you really think Eskene Hargenness sold her soul to an Abomination.

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