Sermon At Hetushmanennanai

Only a day after the retaking of Hetushmanennanai, the broken city awoke to the sounds of chanting and calls for one of the hero's of the previous day's battles. However, despite his achievments in battle, his fans didn't want to shower him with praise of martial prowess. Instead, they revered him for his religious significance. Kokarlth had, the day before, been resurrected from death, the first resurrection in recorded history.

Just after dawn, the lizardman prophet descended from the castle to it's courtyard, and, at it's steps gave his first sermon to the masses, his words transformed the understanding of the god Orleshar.

The Commandments of Orleshar, as told by Kokarlth at Hetushmanennanai

  1. Live well - Each moment, each task is something to devote yourself to entirely. Through care of the daily, divinity and mastery can be attained.
  2. Use your talents to their greatest effect - Each individual excels at different things. Embrace this and use your natural aptitudes to aid those around you. Do not let greed or jealousy guide you - give freely and often.
  3. Strive to be greater, always - No one is unable to improve themselves. This life is not a gift to be wasted, let your legacy outlive you - then immortality is truly achieved.
  4. Be humble - Do things without desire for recognition, Become like the wind, invisible except for its effects.
  5. Find strength through weakness - The old oak cracks under the torrential force of a flood, the sapling yields and so overcomes. Meet force without resistance and its effects will wash over you.
  6. Never allow your pure spirit to smolder - Instead, let it burn as Orleshar's great fires, so bright all can see their radiance. Allow the warmth of this flame to warm others so they will be compelled to allow a flame to start in them.
  7. Recognize that, like fire, all things have multiple aspects, the destructive and the creative - Even the most seemingly vile soul is not beyond redemption, the most pure beyond temptation. Allow compassion to guide your hand.
  8. Live modestly - Material attachments distract from the divine that is ever-present in the world around us. Reject them and you will be wealthier. Covet them and you will into poverty.
  9. Spread Orleshar's word quietly - For, in silence and stillness the greatest things are borne.
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