Peoples of Yra

The peoples of Yra are many and varied, and scholars disagree over specific categories of regional or adaptive differences. What is generally agreed upon is distinguishing between the Elder Races, those peoples with histories and civilizations stretching back millenia into Mannish prehistory, and the Young Races. The Young Races are the Mannish (human) and the Alfen, peoples who despite their (relatively) short history on Yra have done the most to remake it. The Elder races are Kolmorian (who are both race and nation), Dourling, Lizardmen, Glormish (Dwarf), Aulruk, and Bugbear.

In the cataclysmic and mythical events of the First Devaic war, and their aftershocks into the Second Devaic War, the gods and demigods touched the face of Yra. The Godtouched races are those created or warped into new form as accident, tools of war, or prophetic ascendance. The Godtouched races are Keng Xiun, Yuan-Ti, Scourge of Khanakhet, and Exalted One (Exalted Lizardman).

The Young Races

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Resilient and adaptable, Men are the most numerous of the races to be found on Yra. Driven to explore, survive, and above all to conquer, the Mannish can be found in every corner of every region of the world.

The Alfen

The Regal and Fine-Featured Alfen dwell at the edge of the Known World, behind a wall of unparalleled military might. The domains of the Alfryche and beyond are forbidding and unexplored, the twisted fabrication of the Lady of Lies. Since the outbreak of the Second Devaic War, however, defectors have come forward. The Alfen of the "Fifth Column" are deadly and valuable allies against "The Black Storm".

The Elder Races

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Perhaps the oldest civilization on Yra, the Orc's grand and insular country of Kolmor is the only Orcish nation, existing as a communist outgrowth of Kolmorian socio-psionic bonds. To an Orc, Kolmoria is the land, the Earth Goddess, and their own cultural and personal identity. Orcs are hearty and willfull - and often xenophobic - but once made, a Kolmorian bond of friendship is forever.


The once proud people of the Dourlinglech Nations, the Dourlings (or the vulgar term "Halflings") and all they had made were all but destroyed in the Alfen genocide of the Second Devaic War. Now the cursed remnants of this ancient race wander Yra as wards of other nations or as pilgrims in search of a home.


Once merely legend, the reptilian denizens of Yra's lower strata (Storm Zone and Fire Zone) dwelt in the ruins of their own once-mighty civilization long before The First Devaic War.


The Aulruk

A race lost to the annals of time. The Aulruk once lived beyond the Alfen kingdom, at the edge of the world itself, deep in the dark zone.

The Godtouched Races

The Exalted Ones

The Keng Xiun


The Scourge of Khanakhet

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