The Mannish of Yra


The civilization of Men spread to blanket the Known World in time immemorial, perhaps originating from the fertile lower ranges near what is now the Thousand Kings. The evidence for the earliest known expansive Mannish civilization, according to scholars of the Marcelline Academe, can be found in the layers upon layers of ruins of ancient Colourn. Currently, the significant nations of Man are the Vedan Gryphon States, the Onrican Holds, Pallonweir, and Colourn. The Thousand Kings is comprised of a dizzying number of small feudal states, and while therefore possessing no individual political identity, the region is generally regarded as a single entity in global or political discussion.

Resilient and adaptable, Men are the most numerous of the races to be found on Yra. Driven to explore, survive, and above all to conquer, the Mannish can be found in every corner of every region of the world. While generally found populating the temperate and expansive stratum known as the Belt, and gathered primarily in "The Known World", Mannish tribes eke out a living in environs as disparate as the sweltering deserts of the upper Fire Zone and the frigid blackness of the Dark Zone.


The Mannish of Yra are extremely diverse in manner and appearance, from the pale and sleek dark-haired peoples of Marec heritage to the dark and powerful Onricans or the fair and lean tribes of the Arrenesh. Men are on the whole religious folk, superstitious of the arcane. The most common belief system among them is the worship of the Devas, winged deities seemingly without number that embody a multitude of divine ideals, from Devae of good and light to Devae of steady candle flame.

Generating Mannish Characters

The rules for portraying Mannish (human) are as detailed in the 4th Edition Dungeons and Dragons Player's Handbook or in the rpg rules set in use by your game group. Below can be found descriptions of prevalent Mannish peoples.

Mannish Heritage and Backgrounds

The following are general descriptions of the diversity of Mannish peoples in Yra. Included are optional "Heritage Backgrounds" for use in DND4e. These minor character additions reflect variations in cultural heritage, breeding, or environment.

A note on language in the Mannish Known World

In DND4e, as in most other fantasy literature or settings derivative of the milieu, there is assumed to be one "common" language (not representative of a pidgin or mongrel tongue) of men. While this certainly lends to ease of play or exposition, the authors have chosen to discard this fairly preposterous notion in favor of internal realism. The tongues of Yra, and especially of the Mannish, are as great in number as in the real world. We feel that this small change drives interesting character development and underlines the divisions in culture that result from geographical or ideological separation. To reflect this without too much difficulty of play, common is not available as a language choice but all Mannish characters receive a bonus additional language at the time of character creation. While not all characters will speak the same language (fun!) there is a greater likelihood that one "party member" will be able to translate for another.

For more information on language in Yra, see the languages section.

Heritage: Marec Marcelline

The noble Marec ruled the Mannish worlds in antiquity, and probably still do (depending on who you ask). The Marec Marcelline are fine-featured, tall, angular, dark and regal. A character of Marec blood is probably more fortunate than any other race or heritage, both socially and financially. The Marcelline can be found throughout Yra, as many are members or leaders of powerful Merchant Houses wont to travel. Most Marcelline peoples, however, will be found in The Marcelline City-State of Vede, or in The Gryphon States.

Background: Marcelline Ancestry

A character of Marec descent may reroll any Diplomacy check. They must keep the second result, even if it is worse. They also recieve a +2 bonus to insight checks in skill challenges dealing with humans.

Heritage: Graff Vedan

Descendants of Hargennes and his empire, characters of Vedan heritage are peoples of every description. Bred resilient from generations of conquest and Imperialism, the Vedan peoples are multiracial and multicultural. Vedans are far-flung travelers of a restless and adventurous stock, and can be found anywhere in the world they are allowed (and some places they aren't).

Background: Graff

A character of Graff descent receives an additional bonus language during character creation. Graff Vedan characters receive a +2 bonus to insight checks, and a +2 to saving throws vs. Fear effects

Heritage: Pallonweiran

"Aint much in Pallonweir what ain't trees - including the women" - Seff MunDoun
"What's the best use of a talkative Pallonweiran? Use him to pilot your air pig."
- Ancient Colournish joke

Men of Pallonweiran descent know one thing well - life is hard. The cold of Pallonweir is a test, and the mannish of Pallonwier have passed. An ancient stock, the inheritors in antiquity of the fruits of Colournish expansion, Pallonweir is now the second oldest of the mannish lands for one reason only. Resilience. A Pallonwieran adventurer has likely been both a warrior and a lumberman, whether male or female, at one point previously.

Background: Pallonweiran

A character of Pallonweiran descent may always roll two dice for Endurance checks. They also recieve a +2 racial bonus to both FORT and WILL saves.

Heritage: Thousand Kings

"Attack from below. Never trust a god. And never, ever, invade the Thousand Kings" - Alabaster DeLaCroix
The Thousand Kings is an expansive, ever-changing roil of feudal politicking, invasion, inheritance and nobility. Probably the cradle of civilization and certainly among the most populous areas of Yra, the Kings as a whole are practically left to their own devices by the rest of the world.

Background: Thousand Kings

A mannish character from the any of the vastly numerous "Thousand Kingdoms" is trained in Diplomacy, regardless of class.

Heritage: Arrenesh or Dunnesh

The Arrenesh and Dunnesh peoples are the denizens of the eastern frontiers of the Mannish Lands, beyond the City-State of Vede. Rangy and resourceful, the peoples of the Twin Tribes eke out a modest but self sufficient existence in the mountainous verdant islands of the Dunlind Cluster; left out of the politicking of the rest of the world thanks to the Dunnory Pact, long forgotten by all but the Marcelline. The people of the Twin Tribes are guarded and mysterious, and with good reason…at the core of Dun-Arrenesh culture is one of the greatest secrets in the world.

Background: Twin Tribes (Arrenesh or Dunnesh)

A character of Twin Tribes descent receives 6 Death Saving Throws

Heritage: Colournish

Old Colourn was a sprawling civilization in antiquity, conquering and absorbing countless and forgotten nations long before the First Devaic War. Though its still unmatched achievements lay largely in ruin, its people, and pride in their legacy, endure. Colournish men are exotic looking and sharp featured, the result of a multiracial lineage of conquest. Even so, there is still a social stigma attached to those of mixed Graff Vedan blood, a legacy of bitterness left over from the Gryphon War. A Colournish character has endured the bitter cold of the Long Dark in order to live in the greatest nation to ever have existed, whether as a merchant, thief, spy, or explorer of the wilderness of the Dark Zone.

Background: Pure Colournish

Though not actually "pure", any character of a Colournish line from before its fall to the Graff consider themselves the "True Colournish". A Colournish character gains skill training in History if they do not already have it, may reroll History checks, and begins with an additional language.

Background: Graff Colournish

Graff Colournish characters are the descendants of the occupying armies of the Graff at the Fall of Colourn. Noble and arrogant, Graff Colournish, centuries on, are foreigners in their own country. A
Graff Colournish character begins with 50% more money than other characters of that level.

Heritage: Onrican

The Onrican cultures rose explosively from barbarism following the First Devaic War, migrating (escaping?) from the Storm Zone into the lower Temperate Zone below Pallonweir and the Gryphon States. In stark contrast to most of the Mannish peoples, Onrican society borrows many of its defining features from non-human civilizations, and is a complex blend of Lizardman, Kolmorian, and Bugbear culture. Fiercely independent, rugged, spiritual and survival-minded, an Onrican character regardless of sex is trained as a warrior, a hunter, and a craftsman before the age at which most other Mannish children are allowed to leave home.

Background: Onrican

Onrican characters can choose when called upon to make a skill check in Nature, Arcana, Religion or Insight, which of those to substitute interchangeably.

Heritage: Versek

The Versek are tucked away between Pallonweir and Kolmor, a human culture living in the embrace of the Orcish Motherland. Many Versek have purposefully or accidentally "bonded" with a Kolmorian, and intermarriage is not uncommon. Versek are middlemen and wandering merchants trapped between two worlds, and are shunned by both Mannish and Kolmorian society.

Background: Versek

A Versek character automatically speaks Kolmorian as a bonus language and gains the Psion at-will power "telepathy" as an encounter power.

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