The Faceless are a race known to very few of Yra. They are also known as doppelgangers, beings who have the ability to change their appearance to any humanoid creature at their whim.

The ancestors of the Faceless are thought to be a rare ooze that evolution had gifted with the ability to change into any creature they came into contact with. They gained their humanoid form they have today when they first came into contact with the Mannish in the Eye. The larger brain lead to sentient thought and the Faceless have been the same since. Generation after generation of holding on to this form led to the Faceless only being able to assume the form of other humanoids.

The Faceless reside in the Storm Zone on islands carried by large Leviathans. These creature's tendrils secrete a hallucinatory mind-numbing poison that protects the Faceless' islands from harm. In turn the Faceless clean them and some even worship them gods.

Doppelgangers are asexual and do not have gender. This does not mean that they do not have mates or do not love. Most Faceless that live in the world outside do in fact have mates although almost never have children. There is no known account of a half-doppelganger ever existing.


The Faceless do not have a spoken language, instead they communicate with pheromones. Because of this they have underdeveloped vocal cords and can only speak in whispers while in their natural form. Their shapeshifting nature allows them some regenerative properties; the foremost being that they do not die of old age.

Their skin is stone white to absorb what little light pierces into the storms. Due to the constant weather assault from the Storm Zone, it has an amphibian texture to it similar to a frog or newt. There is speculation that without moisture their skin would dry out and crack and thus they very rarely take on their natural guise outside of their homeland.

The eyes of a Faceless are always very vibrant. Eye colors range from blue, violet, and green. Again this is due to the minimal amount of light that enters the storm.

Generating Faceless Characters

The rules for portraying Faceless are as detailed in the Eberon Player's Handbook, using the rules for Changlings.

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