Exalted Ones


It is told that the lizardmen followers of Orleshar once held power over much of Yra, though fell into decline around the same time as the dawn of the mannish races. It wasn't until Kokarlth died, and returned as an Chosen of Orleshar did lizardman power begin to rise again.

Kokarlth, after his return, has been granted the divine ability to Exalt those lizardman as he deems worthy of this most honorific ritual. The few lizardmen Exalted are expected to be civil, exemplary specimen of the lizardman race and of the followers of Orleshar.

As such, Exalted Ones, properly, aren't born Exalted to begin with (this was discovered after two Exalted Ones conceived children, and then children themselves were not Exalted in nature), however, they are granted the ability to Exalt others. Unlike Kokarlth, however, beings they have tried to Exalt have remain unchanged. It is believed that Orleshar himself measures the lizardman to be exalted. If his life (lived, and yet to be lived) is worthy, then Orleshar Exalts the individual, otherwise, the lizardman is unchanged.

For this reason, an Exalted One is generally regarded with awe, fear, and a great deal of respect - for they have been acknowledged and blessed by their god. The Exalted are extremely rare.


The sub-type of lizardman the Exalted One was before becoming Exalted helps to determine the specific characteristics of the creature, though certain traits exist generally. Depending on their origin, lizardmen have different colored scales, as adaptations to their native enviroment. Those from the Storm Zone tend to be gray or green, respectively adapting to rocky, storm-battered islands or lush, jungled ones. Fire Zone lizardmen tend to be red, orange or brown in coloration.

After exaltation, these hues remain the same, but gain a hue of self-luminescence. This isn't due to an actual iridescence but instead due to shift in color of the scales that makes it merely appear as though they are lit from within. Further, the Exalted gain a mastery over the element of Orleshar they most closely resemble at the time of Exaltation (note, this is often related to their appearance, but isn't directly linked) granting them rudimentary divine power over certain elements.

Their tails extend between 2 and 5 feet past the end of their torso, and vary in variety between thick and tough, to thin and flexible. Tall and strong, they stand between 6'3" and 7'2" tall usually weighing between 250lbs and 350lbs. They have natural claws and teeth, which often give them a menacing look, despite their personality.

Exaltation extends a typically short (even discounting unnatural causes for death) lizardman lifestyle by a factor of two, however, because Exaltation typically occurs after maturation, they don't seem to live much longer than a human.

Generating Exalted Characters

The rules for portraying Exalted Ones are as detailed in the 4th Edition Dungeons and Dragons Player's Handbook, using the rules for Dragonborn, or in the rpg rules set in use by your game group.

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