Where exactly the Aulruk came from is a mystery. Although they exhibit traits of both the Alfen and the Mannish, they are larger and more primal than either. Perhaps they are descendants of a race of half-Alfen and half-Mannish. Perhaps both races are descendants of the Aulruk. Perhaps they are just Alfen who somehow escaped Desiphae's touch, only the Devas may know. Their temples depict both of the old Mannish and Alfen pantheons. They do, however, seem to have the deepest connection with the Alfen god Olshteruk, which is what probably leads to their savage nature and ferocity.


The Aulruk are large humanoids. They are typically between 6 and 8 feet tall. Having adapted to living in the Dark Zone, they have light colored hair (blonde, red, silver), light eyes (blue or green), and very pale skin. They bear the sharp angular features and pointy ears of an Alfen yet can grow beards and have the large muscle structure of the mannish. They are often covered in tattoos bearing the names of different aspects of nature.

Generating Aulruk Characters

Due to having traits of both Alfen and Mannish, one would think an Aulruk could be played as a half-elf out of the PH1. However, due to their larger stature and connection with the savagery of nature, goliath or Mul is a much better fit.

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