Ring Of The Colournish Kings

ring-of-the-colournish-kings Description

The Ring of the Colournish Kings is one of the legendary Inheritances.

ring-of-the-colournish-kings History

The Ring once held a powerful enchantment that warded off all kinds of magic. The ring was depowered during the Second Divaeic War when it canceled out the magic holding in the Scourge of Khenaket.

Some time afterwards it found it's way into the hands of Cornelius MunHandral who used it to become King and restore Colourn to its former glory.

During the War of the Rift, the genius (and quite mad) head of Alabaster's Cryptomantic Research Division, Calipso, was able to recharge the ring by creating a loop of crytomantic and anti-cryptomantic energies and funneling the resulting (and very very dangerous) matrix into the ring.

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