General Information

God's Name


Other Titles

The Renewing Flame, The Scaled God, Lord of the Storm, the Jungle's Hand

Domains and Purviews

Fire, Healing, Lizardmen, The Exalted Ones, Lightning, Poison, Good


Fire Zone sect; Storm Zone sects: Storm, Jungle; The Exalted sect; Children of Kokarlth

Sects, Cults, Religions

Orleshar commands a demi-plane of existence in the Greater Plane of Fire. His palace is said to be constructed in the inner workings of a massive volcano. Constant heat-storms thunder at the summit of the massive mountain and it's slopes are engulfed in a dense and lively jungle. The area is in a constant cycle of life and death, epitomizing Orleshar's hand in destruction, healing, and rebirth through turmoil.

Detailed Description

Home Realm

Orleshar most vividly represents renewal through destruction. His believers have often misconstrued this ideal to allow for wanton violence and destruction; however, this is not the true will of Orleshar. Carefully applied force, designed to renew and revitalize life is his greatest tenant. He grants both the powers to destroy and the powers to heal equally, and, so, attracts a wide range of belief subsets. Disagreements have arisen in lizardman followers throughout time, but a new golden age of belief arose after the Second Devaic War.

Tenets, Dogma, Teachings

The lizardmen followers of Orleshar, it is told in legend, once had a powerful, just, and civilized empire, spanning much of the temperate, storm, and fire zones. Devoid of arcane magics, the priests held ultimate causal power and position, acting as guides, leaders, and prophets. Mysteriously, and suddenly, the lizardman empire collapsed upon itself, during the infant stages of human civilization.

It is believed that a Corrupting Force of great power attempted to influence Orleshar himself, who resisted, but not without difficulty. Priests began to lose touch with their god, prayers went unanswered. The more ambitious and conniving of the clergy began to subtly manipulate the faith, forming great opposing factions and a more violent and selfish religion. All the while, Orleshar remained dormant. It was these factions that drove the lizardman into the tribal state that written history has known them as, and the resilient and numerous human race forced them out of the Temperate Zone almost entirely.

Long centuries passed, and all vestiges of lizardman society were crumbled under their savage and tribal maligned beliefs. It wasn't until Kokarlth, a young Fire Zone lizardman began receiving visions that the face of Orleshar on Yra began to change again.

The Second Golden Age of Orleshar

After the Second Devaic War and the death and rebirth of Kokarlth, with his Sermon at Hetushmanennanai Kokarlth was able to reestablish the legitimacy of Orleshar and his believers. Since this moment, Kokarlth has Exalted those believers deemed most worthy to spread the beliefs and virtues of Orleshar and has reinvented (or rather, restored the belief system to it's true beliefs) through his actions on Yra and his special status as the Chosen of Orleshar.

Mortal Followers

History of Belief

The Battle for Hetushmanennanai gained the final sway of power it needed with the revival of Kokarlth. Kokarlth returned as an avatar incarnate of Orleshar, wrecking destruction on the occupying elven forces, 26 days after his death at the hands of Kylor. It is said that every 26 days, Kokarlth can assume this powerful avatar form.

Significance to Mortal Affairs

Wars and Battles

Since Kokarlth's revival, some have begun to revere him as a god walking Yra. As such, a cult of followers have formed with this belief as their basis, claiming that Orleshar is simply another name of Kokarlth.

The native lizardman tribes still revere different versions of Orleshar, some claiming he embodies the jungle, some the storm, and others fire. The new religion embraces all of these concepts, claiming he embodies each of these and each is simply a facet of the true image of Orleshar. It is Kokarlth's continuing mission to bring these revelations to lizardmen of all types, and bring them to true faith in Orleshar.

Political and Religious Movements


Followers of Note

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