General Information

God's Name


Other Titles

The Runed Dragon, Nature's Fury, Dioltas, Consort of Enhesh

Domains and Purviews

Nature, Wrath, Vengence, Justice (in the karmic sense), Shadow, Poison


The Two-Hundred Ravens

Sects, Cults, Religions

Olshteruk appears to be stuck on Yra, a place where all other gods are gone. Why does he remain? How does he remain?
He is nearly completely covered in aboleth runes. Who (or what) put them there and for what purpose is unknown.

Detailed Description

Home Realm

Olshteruk is one of the old gods, nearly forgotten, and his powers seem to differ from the well known devas. Olshteruk is the embodyment of the primal savagery of nature. He is the god of thorns, sharp teeth, claws, etc.

Tenets, Dogma, Teachings

Survival of the fittest.

Mortal Followers

History of Belief

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Significance to Mortal Affairs

Wars and Battles

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Political and Religious Movements

Important Mortal Followers

Followers of Note

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