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Lady of Lies, The Wingless, The Black Deva, Fallen One, Queen of Monsters, The Forked Tongue. Deciphae was formerly called Advenai.

Domains and Purviews

Lies, Betrayal, Evil, Aberrations, Secrets, Falling out of Favor


Deciphae is the tragic and evil foil to the other Devas; the formerly radiant and blessed servant of the gods who turned against her parents/creators and fell from grace. Birthed by Urusal and Uksarai, she was once Advenai, Messenger of the Gods. In this capacity she was the only divine being who passed freely between the worlds of the Gods and the worlds of Men.

The first deva, Deciphae birthed the Abominations, creating an army to wage war against the peoples of Yra. She drew Urusal down from the heavens and slew him, shattering him into the pieces used to create all of the other Devas.

In common Devaic traditions, Deciphae was worshiped or at least acknowledged alongside the pantheon of Devas. She served in this fashion as a less antithetical figure, a cursed and angry Deva who had to be appeased through tribute or warding.

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The one battle where WE KILLED THE SHIT OUT OF HER.

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