Aresai, the Escort

General Information

God's Name


Other Titles

Death, The Escort, The Phoenix, Soul Reaver, The Guide, Guardian of Spirits, Mistress of Fate, The Lady of Veils

Domains and Purviews

Death, Life, Fire, Smoke, Fate


Necromancers, Soldiers, and others who wonder what comes after life often call to Aresai.
As far as organized worship there are two main sects. The White Flame abhors necromancy while the Black Flame embraces it.

Sects, Cults, Religions

Aresai resides ___, escorting mortals and gods alike to wherever they go when they die. She was the first of the devas that the Allmother created from the fallen Allfather after the Battle of MIKE FILL THIS IN.

Detailed Description

Home Realm

Much rumor and hearsay is attached to the Goddess of Death. Unlike most other devas there is no church associated with the Deva. Her disciples believe that the innate hierarchy of a church promotes corruption. Because it is a comparatively small organization, it operatives almost anarchically to avoid falling toward tyranny. Each sect and even member understands the importance and power of death so none (of the disciples of the White Flame) would ever try to corrupt it.

Most among the uninitiated think that Aresai is an evil Deva, hellbent on killing. Her disciples are thought to be murderers and necromancers. This is almost the opposite of the truth.

The actual tenets of Aresai are more akin to those of a shepherd guarding a flock. Without life there can be no death. Necromancy, the animation of or communion with the souls or bodies of the deceased, is shunned or embraced by Aresai's priests depending on which sect they belong to. Each of these sects, however, abhor those trying to escape from death's grasp. All followers do not fear death as it will bring bring them to their goddess.

Murderers often claim to be doing Aresai's work but they are not condoned by the disciples in any way. Although it is often believed to be one, the senseless killing others is not one of Her tenets . Assassins, executioners, and others who deal death for a living that worship Her always say a prayer before the killing blow, asking Her to receive the deceased and to be forgiven for ending a life prematurely.

Those that have claimed to look death in the face always give one of two descriptions of Her. One is of a beautiful pale skinned woman with long, flowing black hair and gray irises, wearing white robes and bearing a calming smile. She is said to have angelic wings, one black and one white. In her hands she holds a flame of swirling white, red, and black. A bastard sword is attached to her hip, her soul-reaping scythe at her back. She is said to take the departed with a tear and a kind out-stretched hand.

The other description is of a vengeful daemon, with burning red eyes. A terrible woman with a feral, sharp-toothed grin and gray, deathly pale skin. Garbed in shadows, it is said that the infinite abyss can been seen in her clothes, and nightmares in the wake of her swinging sword. hatred in the black flame in her other hand. The scythe on her back drips with the blood of the fallen and her wings are said to be lined with the screaming souls of the damned.

These differing descriptions are too numerous to be discounted with the ravings of the mad. They are thought to change depending on the heart of the witness, be they caring or malevolent.

Tenets, Dogma, Teachings

Not much is known about the history of disciples of Aresai. They are often not well received in the public eye and most view this as more of a blessing than a curse.

Mortal Followers

History of Belief

Most soldiers believe that all wars are fought with Aresai keeping a close eye on each battle. Whether or not this is a good or bad thing is a matter of opinion that differs for each person.

Significance to Mortal Affairs

Wars and Battles

The followers of Aresai are shrouded in mystery and away from the public eye. All that is truly known of these followers are as follows. Both of the two opposite sects worship in the same temple and have a mutual respect for one another. Both also will hunt down radical necromancers who seek to escape Aresai's hand. These radicals include liches, ghosts, vampires, and other dead beings who retain their consciousness or soul. (edit note)

Rumors also speak of a secret third sect of Avengers, The Crimson Flame, formed to hunt down these beings and send them to oblivion. There have also been whispers of a few Chosen of the Goddess. These chosen are rumored to have the ability to command life and death itself. They are said to have aspects of Aresai herself, angel or daemon.

Political and Religious Movements

Only a few are known and their names are kept in the private archives. None are publicly known.

The Shifting Eye

Followers of Note

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