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Ergh…so the Versek intermarry with Orcs…can they interbreed? Can of worms unleashed!

Got into a spiraling clusterfuck of thinking when I was doing layout and thinking about the Aulruk (Trevor's Dark Zone-dwelling guys…Lochna's people). Should they be a race or a Mannish heritage? What determines a race? Should the wiki determine race from the point of view of the creators or the Mannish known world? Is race determined by ability to interbreed? If so, are the Aulruk a race or a Mannish heritage? If breeding is the determining factor…why aren't the Alfen a heritage instead of race? Basically, how do we decide when to decide that something is a race? Are dourlings a glormish heritage and not a race?


Hey guys. I theoretically work until 6:30 Sunday. Not sure if you guys want to start earlier than that, but if you do, go for it.

Sunday 4/26 by The MarcellineThe Marcelline, 22 Apr 2009 18:56

I am planning on running the game, as so far most people I have talked to do breakfast/brunch stuff not evening stuff. Matt, if you can't make it, not a huge deal.

Jeremy? Levi?

Re: Game Times by Ryan DeanRyan Dean, 10 Apr 2009 18:38

lol you will first have to get them to read this post. A mighty task indeed.

Re: Player Info by The MarcellineThe Marcelline, 09 Apr 2009 19:55

Aaaah crap that's right it's Easter! Are we even playing? What say you all?

Re: Game Times by The MarcellineThe Marcelline, 09 Apr 2009 19:29

easter sunday have denver stuff to do till five six pm might not make it to game

Re: Game Times by OurFatherOurFather, 09 Apr 2009 02:03

Languages, Passive Skills, and Character Builder characters, please.

Player Info by Ryan DeanRyan Dean, 09 Apr 2009 01:01

I am free to game earlier sunday, if you all are down. Say 3pm?

Re: Game Times by Ryan DeanRyan Dean, 09 Apr 2009 01:00

That's right…bitches

I am off Sunday, but Ryan will be running the game for a while! So game time will be a combo of Ryan's call and everyone's schedule. I can PLAY whenever!


The Two Hundred Golden Ravens

As I expected, I had been compromised - after learning of Olsteruck's ability to communicate with the members of this cell, I was quickly found out, and was forced under pain of death (and cryptomantic summoning to provide the answers to the same questions I refused to answer in life) to reveal my motives.

During this questioning, I was teleported, along with the members of the cell, to what I can safely assume to be the headquarters of this organization, by none other than Olsteruck himself.

I couldn't have imagined what occured next. The party, despite their (justified) distrust (though, it can be noted, not mistrust) of me, not only spared my life, but proposed an allegiance. It seems this cell had much more to it than I could have ever imagined (and judging by their reactions, they discovered much that day too).

After meeting with my employer, and forming an alliance, I received orders to act as an emissary and ally to the Two Hundred Ravens cell, augmenting their admirable battle prowess with my unique skills as a spy and wetworks agent.

Further communication attempts were made with Alabaster (or one of his representatives) which was to occur within the next few days.

We traveled, by means of cryptomancy, to the island of Chelai. The one named Nihil secured residence (I am not sure by what means, but he seems most resourceful and skilled. And distinctly disturbed, I have yet to discover the origins of this young Dourling) in a manor with myself, under the guise of oneof my aliases, as a visiting noble from Ved, attempting to purchase wares, and establish myself in the city prior to most traders come to establish good relations with traders and local authorities for privledged buying rights.

Our arrival (or Lord Ryorian's, rather) was marked by a party with an interesting number of nobles in attendance. Two of which, I can assume to only be the Mistresses of the Chelain Night Court, Alabaster's agent in disguise, and an intriguing and mysterious woman we found later to be none other than Dominique Marcelline. Her purpose here hasn't been fully determined, other than she seeks the Inheritance held by one of the Two Hundred Ravens members who has returned to her previous responsibilities, acting as a sleeper agent for the group.

The meeting with Alabaster's agent revealed that the King had imagined a more formal alliance than my superior initiated, and the agent presented us with pins to be used for communication (and identification) of allies in the field. I will be passing this information on based upon our previously arranged method of communication, suggesting distribution of these pendants to other agents associated with the aims of my superior, perhaps not all - as I do not know how deep the network is - but to some.

The cell's standing orders now involve determining the significance of Chelai.

I'm sched. to work and might have to go paupering for cash to buy a car so will not know my time frames till sunday 3/29

Re: Game Times by OurFatherOurFather, 28 Mar 2009 03:06

Introduction to the secret society and my return to Yra

After successfully tracking Batar to a plane other than Yra, I was able to identify two Golden Hand members that had gone missing several fortnights ago; Upon contact with my superior (who will remain unnamed in these journal entries to preserve anonominity) I allowed Batar to return to his native plane to instigate investigations into the organization to which, it seems, both Batar and the missing Golden Hand agents were involved with.

It became immediately clear that the cell had been divided into two parts, one containing Batar, and the other containging the agents. Batar's subsect seemed harder to track without drawing undo attention to myself, so I instead shadowed the subsect that remained stationary, containing the two Golden Hand agents and another person of import that had recently gone missing, I later found out. The Marquess Militiant under direct command of Cornelius had gone missing at approximately the same time as the agents, vanishing without a trace, carrying with her one of, what I have come to understand is, the Inherantences.

Upon return of Batar's cell (or subcell as the case may be) Batar acted independantly and abandoned his companions, returning to the Plane of Air (as I previously mentioned). Prior to this I had been able to temporarily "procure" an amulet that each of these cell members wore.

One night the two wizards were examining certain arcane and mundane volumes, and briefly went to the tavern downstairs to continue their discussion at the insistance of the woman Golden Hand member. While gone, I slipped into their workroom and noticed, in a bag in the corner, several of these extra amulets, and brought to to my superior, where he fabricated a (nearly) identical version. I was able to return their amulet before they returned, and I have a high level of confidence they have no reason to suspect it was missing.

After the return of Batar's group, and the departure of the Djinni, I allowed myself to be recognized, and was able to pull a significant amount of information from the group.

First, they are employed by Osteruck, who I can only assume is the ancient, intelligent dragon that aided the fight at Hetushmannanai. Further, they interrogated a very well connected Golden Hand member, Raul, whom I recognized from my travels with Alabaster; I believe at the time he was the quartermaster of the admiralty, though it is apparent to me he has significant skills beyond that, and I wonder now if that was a ruse from the beginning.

I was able to slip out and speak directly to this character, asking him to inform Alabaster he has an ally with this group, and of some relevant information to him I thought important.

This all occurred, of course, after the meeting with the Lich King, where I learned most disturbing and, apparently true, information that there is not only a God of the aberrations, something known as the Sleeper, but that this God intends to use Desiphae to awake himself, and I can only assume, wreck a large amount of havoc on Yra, and other realms too!

I have since returned to Yra and reported this to my superior and was instructed to meet the returning party and continue investigations. I am afraid I may have been compromised, and so, this may be my last entry. The group seems significantly powerful, though I have sensed some latent disagreement between members, I think pertaining to the strictures of their society. Perhaps I can use this to my advantage.

The dourling and Exalted One particularly frighten me, though the elf's aims are mysterious to me, and the priest of Aresai seems fanatical in his beliefs, which can be very dangerous.

They have done a lot of good things with the most recent update to the character builder including:

  • A much better system for retraining things.
  • A system that allows for the creation of items that actually retain stat-based modifiers
  • A better journal system (Hey, now we have a way to do some personal roleplaying stuff and have it be documented!)

Check it out!

Character Builder Changes by Ryan DeanRyan Dean, 25 Mar 2009 04:57

Trevor and I examined this at mugs last week at some point, and it worked for me, with me right there….

So I have no idea why it wasn't working for him, I ahve to get these "listpages" modules down, but other than that it should be working fine.

Re: creature page broken by Ryan DeanRyan Dean, 25 Mar 2009 01:25

I am free whenever as well!

I would say lets game a little earlier, I mean, if we start early and end up getting 'burnt out' we can always game down early

Re: Game Times by Ryan DeanRyan Dean, 25 Mar 2009 01:19

I'll just link it, apparently people aren't seeing this:

Herot Character Sheet

Re: Last Weeks Game by Ryan DeanRyan Dean, 25 Mar 2009 01:02

K so where did you post him TO?

Re: Last Weeks Game by The MarcellineThe Marcelline, 25 Mar 2009 00:52

I am off on this coming Sunday 3/29. We can play whenever. Anyone want to start early to get all of the epic conflict resolved? ha ha!

Re: Game Times by The MarcellineThe Marcelline, 25 Mar 2009 00:49
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