Dramatis Personae

The following individuals have made significant impacts on the continuing development on the world of Yra by shaping it - through political presence, military might, personal ingenuity, or divine conviction. Their actions and motivations may have been for good or ill, but their true impact can only be determined through time and the ripples through the lives of those they touched.


Kings, Courtesans, Nobility, and Politicians

Krauss, Alabaster; Regis of the Krauss Admirality, King of the Marcelline Gryphon States
Hargennes, Alinosh III; King of the Gryphon
Hargennes, Ellene I; Queen in Exile of the Gryphon
Hargennes, Ulish; Blood-Prince of the Gryphon
MunHandral, Cornelius; Marquis de Ravenscar, King of Colourn
MunHandral, Adeline; Red Yancey, Queen of Colourn
Aliniet, Chanteal; Marquess Militant of Chelai
Marcelline, Dominique
Medinas, Charles Ventures; First of the Krauss Emissariat

Warriors, Captains, and Commanders

Du'Faun, Morgan
Black Yancey
Amega; Warrior-Princess of the Arrenesh

Rogues, Merchants, and Mercenaries

Bullock, Errol

Priests, Prophets, and the Inspired

Kokarlth; Prophet of Orleshar, Father of the Exalted Ones
MunIndrian, Kayalor; The Whisperer
Griffon, Elijah
Dom; Prophet of Glorm
The Hand of Veils

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