test Level Creature Level Creature Role (Controller, Soldier, Brute, Skirmisher, Lurker, Solo, etc)
Creature Type and Origins (Natural Humanoid, Aberrant Outsider, etc) XP XP Awarded
Initiative: +Initiative Senses Perception: +Perception score Other Senses (Blank if none, start with a ; if there are other senses ex: ; Darkvision)
Aura: Aura (Type "None" if no aura, Otherwise use the format aura #: effect, ex: aura 3: asdf)
HP HP Number Bloodied Bloodied Value (Followed by ", see also @power" if the creature has a power upon bloodied)
AC AC; Fortitude Fort Def; Reflex Ref Def; Will Immunities (Enter None if none)
Immunity Resistances (Enter None if none) Resistance Vulnerabilities (Enter None if none) Vulnerability Bonus/Penalty to Saving Throws (0 if none)
Saving Throws +Bonus/Penalty to Saving Throws (0 if none)
Speed Speed (Include a , after speed to add additional modes of travel, such as swim, climb/spider-climb, or fly)
Action Points Action Points
Creature Attacks
Alignment Alignment Languages Languages
Skills Skills (Seperated by comma's like: Athletics 15, Stealth 9, etc)
Str STR score Dex DEX Wis WIS
Equipment Equipment

test Tactics

Creature Combat Tactics (This section is a little longer)

test Lore

Creature Lore (Name the skill needed, the checks in bold and what info each DC gives)

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