Cornelius Munhandral

Biological Information

Full Name:
Cornelius MunHandral
Titles, Positions, and Aliases:
King of Colourn, Marquis de Ravenscar, Tier 1 of The Mark (not publicly known)
Date of Birth:
July, 6, 667
Date of Death:
Not Dead yet.


In game stats: Cornelius

Childhood and Early Life

Cornelius was born the bastard son of the Duke of Handral and a whore. His innocence was shattered at a mere 6 years old when he watched his mother get beaten to death by a drunken customer. He then lived on the street, stealing what he could to survive, learning to manipulate nearly any situation to benefit him.

When Cornelius was 16, he met the man who he would later view as his adopted father; Vorin the Briar. Vorin took an interest in young Cornelius when he found the young Courtesan managed to swindle him out of a bar tab, a new suit, and a room at an inn. Seeing the potential in the boy, Vorin took him under his wing and started teaching him the ways of the court. Cornelius was a fast learner with a quick wit and an inhumanly sharp tongue.

Cornelius traveled with Vorin all over Yra for over a decade before they finally parted ways near Gleerbreake. During this time Cornelius became a master Courtisan, even so much as creating himself a lordly persona he dubbed the Marquis De Ravenscar. Vorin also taught his adopted son how to handle a rapier, how to handle a woman, and how to turn the tide of a battle just as easily as he would the court using nothing save his voice. The fate of Vorin the Briar after he and Cornelius parted ways is unknown.

Alabaster and the Companions

Cornelius then made his way back to Handral after almost 15 years, slew his father and the man who murdered his mother and disappeared. No one saw or heard of him until he resurfaced at a tavern and entered the employ of Heralidruuin who hired him to find his sister. Among his other hired companions was the now famous Alabaster Krauss, the Arrenesh Princess Amiga, Errol the Assassin, and Morgan.

Cornelius traveled with the companions during their various adventures in Yra, losing friends and gaining new ones. During this time Cornelius met, fought, captured, freed, seduced, befriended, and eventually wed his current wife Adeline "Red" Yancey. He and Alabaster parted ways soon after the landing in Hetushmanennanai.

Rise of the Monarch

During his travels with the Companions, Cornelius came into possession of the powerful artifact known as the Ring of the Colournish Kings. After losing it's anti-magical properties during the outbreak of the Scourge, the other companions seemed to think that the Ring was useless. Having being schooled in the importance of history by Vorin, Cornelius knew this was his opportunity to finally make something of himself.

After the Siege, Cornelius and his new wife took her ship The Lady of Veils back to Colourn and sought out the legendary Black Wyvern Riders of Chn. During their trip Cornelius and Adeline learned the old tongue and everything they could about the bloody history of the empire. After weeks of searching, the pair were finally was able to track down the Rider's leader Lord Aliniet. In another week Cornelius had earned their trust by assassinating key Pallonwierian leaders thanks to the newly discovered gunpowder.

By the end of the month, Cornelius and Adeline had mastered the art of riding and secured their leadership. They were crowned king and queen and promised to restore Colourn to its former glory. Learning that his former companions needed aid, the new king and queen led the Riders during the Battle of Hetushmanennanai and were able to push the Alfish back, freeing the Dourlings.

A Kingdom Reborn

After the battle, Cornelius and Adeline put Colourn back on the map nearly over night. They were able to secure the Kingdom's existance and prove that it was a force to be reckoned with shortly thereafter when they once again led the Riders into the Alfish land itself. There they rejoined with the new king Alabaster and his companions and succeeded in killing the Alfish queen. This act marked the end of the Second Divaeic War.

Recapturing the Capitol

After the war Cornelius and Adeline spent five years reinforcing the kingdom. New friends and allies were gained. Cornelius spent most of his time studying books stolen from the vast libraries at Chelai. He used all of this newfound knowledge for one thing, the recapturing of Colourn's capitol Chelai.

After months of planning and under the advice of the military genius of the Winterfox, Chanteal Aliniet, the capitol was recaptured.


After settling into the new capitol, it seemed that Cornelius would finally get the peace he sought. He should have known this was foolish. Just a few weeks after settling in, the Winterfox seemingly vanished. Spies were sent out. Favors were called in. After expending almost more resources than he was comfortable with, Cornelius learned what he needed too. His city had been infiltrated with a secret organization that seemed to be an off-shoot of the Fifth Column. Aberrant monsters he had hoped never to see again began popping up in the sewers. Leading his most trusted veterans Cornelius was able to contain, although not destroy them.

Some amount of time (Mike how long were we in the city of the dead?) later, the Winterfox and the band of Ravens returned. Cornelius immediately sent out spies to find out everything he could about them. After talking with the Winterfox and his spies, Cornelius contacted the organization's leader, the old god of the Alfen, Olshturuk.

The Golden Ravens and the Walk of the Dead

More to come

Island Fall

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