Alabaster Krauss

Biological Information

Full Name:
Alabaster Krauss
Titles, Positions, and Aliases:
Alabaster DeLaCroix, King of the Marcelline Gryphon States, Regis of the Krauss Admirality, "Alabaster Ironhand"
Date of Birth:
Birth Date
Date of Death:


Alabaster Krauss was born at a young age. Even as a child his understanding of the cryptomantic arts was unrivaled. After graduating from the Marcelline Academy of Cryptomantic Advancement, young Alabaster ventured out to get field experience. Boy meets world. It wasnt long before he found himself aboard the Sword of Volarai, along with a very unlikely group of companions. It was aboard this vessel the that Alabaster discovered that it was the skies that he belong to. It wasnt long that Alabaster had command of his own vessel, the Amiga's Wind, named after an Arrenesh girl that perished at the hands of a Ogre out side the gates of Willef. The victory at the Battle of Willef marked the beginning of Alabaster's military career.

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