Biological Information

Full Name:
Titles, Positions, and Aliases:
Prophet of Orleshar; Orleshar's Chosen; Father of the Exalted Ones; Religious advisor to King Alabaster; "Karl"
Exalted Lizardman
Date of Birth:
August 3, 674
Date of Death:
October 19, 703 (Returned as Orleshar's Avatar 26 days later)


In game stats: Kokarlth

The Early Years

The lizardman known as Kokarlth was born as most other lizardmen in the Fire Zone - to a primitive, shamanistic tribe. And, he might have lived an unremarkable (if short) life as a warrior-priest of Orleshar. But Oreleshar had different plans for him.

Kokarlth was born with a gift, or curse, depending on your viewpoint. From a very young age, he had great prophetic visions and dreams. At first, he was revered by his kin. His early prophetic visions aided his tribesmen in defeating regional rivals and securing a prosperous empire. However, this celebrated status didn't last long.

Just after his coming-of-age ceremony, his visions took on a much darker nature, and told futures of destruction and doom. The tribal elders soon drove him out, denouncing him as a heretic and blasphemer, when Kokarlth warned them that their village would be destroyed by a terrible volcanic eruption caused by Orleshar's disgust with his followers.

Introduction to civilized society

Kokarlth fled, following his visions out of habit and faith that they would lead him to his destiny. He was not disappointed. One of his visions led him to Guire, who was marooned on Kokarlth's native island. Kokarlth, at this point, learned of the fearsome and villainous reputation of lizardmen, and vowed to spread the uncorrupted word of Orleshar, both to lizardmen and the other races of Yra. After several years of waiting, Guire and Kokarlth, following Kokarlth's visions, joined the crew of then Captain Alabaster aboard the "Amiga's Wind."

Quickly, Kokarlth became a valuable martial asset to the captain and his crew, but despite his greatest efforts, Kokarlth's religious visions and advice were viewed skeptically. Over time, however, his voice became one of much needed calm and serenity on the ship.

As the groups adventures brought them to the land of the Xiun, Kokarlth had a existential realization. He spent some time with local monks, and "purified his soul of malice" going so far as to remove his natural claws. His return was that of a more peaceful, wise, and quietly motivated presence. He took on the mantles of non-violence, choosing to subdue his enemies instead of mortally wound them. This change was also accompanied by a shedding of his mundane scales, to be replaced by a radiant, supernatural set that seemed to glow from within.

The Death of a Prophet

His death shocked his companions, shaking their world in a way the war-weary adventurers hadn't imagined possible. However, Orleshar had different designs for Kokarlth. Twenty-six days after his death, Kokarlth returned to the Yra, though again, he was changed. No longer living, but not quite dead, Orleshar returned his Chosen to complete the task he had begun, granting him new potent powers, and an even deeper insight of this world, and the vastness of that which exists after death.His unexpected revival couldn't have been at a more necessary time - it was during the bloody retaking of Hetushmanennanai. He assumed a powerful primal elemental form, and, filled with the righteousness of his god, proved invaluable to Alabaster and the coalition of Veden, Kormorian, and refugee Dourling forces.

Resurrection and beyond

His return marked a new era both for Kokarlth and for Orleshar, as his revival was both unheard of, and unprecedented in written history. Exalting those lizardmen of purity of conviction and heart, Kokarlth was the first and father of all of this new, empowered race.

After helping to defeat the Alfen invasion, Kokarlth continues to spread the teachings of Orleshar and elevating the lizardman race to unprecedented heights. He acts as Alabaster's advisor in all affairs religious and in many other regards as well, being one of the few that the great king trusts.

After Alabaster

As Yra recovered from the war, and the political landscape changed, Kokarlth found himself in an interesting position. Word of his sermons and ideology spread due to his fame, which was cultivated not at his wish, but in spite of it. Being friend, confidant, and ally to both Alabaster and Cornelius, despite his attempts at humility, elevated him to celebrity status.

To his dismay, a small sect of those he had exalted, or those that had her him preach had become to worship him as a god as opposed to Orleshar. This cult became known as WHAT DOES MATT WANT THE CULT NAME TO BE?.

After Alabaster's mysterious disappearance, Kokarlth returned to his wandering roots, traveling alone, wandering the isles of Yra to both spread his word, and to further his own knowledge of the world, and Orleshar's place in it. However, it wasn't long before he was called upon again, this time to the place of his awakening, Xiun.

It was here, during battle with an incarnation of Desiphae, that he, along with his other companions, was removed, mysteriously, from Yra.

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