Hargennes, Queen Ellene I

Biological Information

Full Name:
Her Majesty Ellene Emerilla Hargennes I, Queen in Exile of the Gryphon States
Titles, Positions, and Aliases:
Queen In Exile, Marquess Militant, and First of the Soldiery of the (former) Gryphon States
Date of Birth:
Birth Date
Date of Death:


Ellene Hargennes I, born Ellene Tialenet, had the dubious distinction of being only the second Queen of the Graff to be born outside of a Vedan bloodline. Daughter of a Koianish Merchant House, she married Alinosh Hargennes and ruled as Queen of the Gryphon States until its fall during the Second Devaic War. Her husband and son killed, the kingdom destroyed and the power of the throne returned to Vedan hands, Ellene and her mother Eskene went into exile in Chn, in the former Kindom of Colourn. She was later turned over to King Alabaster Delacroix as a peace offering exchanged for recognition of sovereignty when the Colournish Kingdom arose again at the end of the war. She remains alive, prominently held in a Vedan tower. She is pampered and provided for as befits her former station, but is provided no actual measure of political power.

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