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Full Name:
Titles, Positions, and Aliases:
Officially the (Vampire) Lord of Glearbreake; Guirre would be delighted to tell you of many other titles including King of the Dragons, Lord of the Pirates, and High Priest of Olshteruk. Not many people would disagree to his face.
Mannish, although more undead than human currently.
Date of Birth:
Guirre usually has a birthday once or twice a month. He has been a free vampire roughly five years.
Date of Death:
October 2, 703


It should be noted that this is perhaps the fourth or fifth biography that has been commissioned about Guirre (all them with his permission of course).

Guirre was born to Margarritte An'tonette, the exact date is still uncertain. His mother was regarded by gentlemen of fortune as a witch of the sea; they believed that her mere presence aboard a vessel meant no matter which direction the winds might take them it was toward fortune. She was as shrewd as she was beautiful, but not quite shrewd enough for the circles she moved in at the end of her life. She acted as a high class prostitute, and was able to win favor with a few members of the Marcelline courts. It is still unsure as to which member is the father of Guirre but they all played a role in his mother's death. She had gained too much power and influence too quickly with the court, so an assassin was hired. Margarritte learned of the plot but knew she could not stop them, so she smuggled her infant son out on a pirate ship and place a ward of protection upon him… or perhaps a curse for any who might wish to harm him.

Though no more than a few weeks old Guirre was already a marked man. His name and parentage (questionable though it was) could destroy the court of [Marallin], but his mother's contacts kept him out of trouble. Raised by pirates on pirate ships his way of life was looting, plundering, and sailing the skies.

As he got older it became more and more certain that whatever ship he sailed on would inevitably face ruin, from disastrous raids to mutinies to simply falling out of the sky. By his late teens he came to be known as a Jonah, a man that brought bad luck with him wherever he went as surely as his mother had brought good. While more times than it several times saved his life, it meant he lived an even less constant life than the normal nomadic pirate existence. He exhausted his inheritance of good will with each crew who took him in, and was marooned more times than he could count. No matter how far from civilization he was abandoned, though, something always turned in his favor. Whether it was his mother's hex or simply fortune's choice, his luck was his and his alone.

Many men would have resented this and become bitter, but Guirre could always find humor and adventure in his mishaps. While those around him suffered or perished Guirre just lived one day at a time.

It should be noted that although a certain mage of great power has probably written of Guirre and their adventures together already, there are many errors in his memory and while they may be allies at times, it is well known that this mage has his own agenda.

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