Errol Bullock

Biological Information

Full Name:
Errol Bullock
Titles, Positions, and Aliases:
Lord Dorthain, General of the Alfryche Marches, Liaison to the Krauss Admirality (while the existence of these offices is public knowledge, the fact that the same person occupies all of them is not), Chief of the Plane of Fire Border Guard (not publicly known), and Alliance Grand Admiral of Unconventional Warfare (a deadly secret).
He is terribly busy.
Human, but sometimes appears as Xiun (bird-man), Exalted One (lizard-man), Brass Man, or other.
Date of Birth:
April 11, 680
Date of Death:
Currently living


Although highly involved in the events of the Second Devaic War, Errol was overshadowed by the accomplishments of more charismatic figures. He encouraged this, as he works best from the shadows anyway. Though furtive, he is one of the major powers in the world, enjoying a confluence of overt military authority, personal and networked cryptomantic power, control of one of Yra's major inter-planar portals, espionage and wetwork operations penetrating the heart of the Alfen Empire, and considerable personal capability.

He currently has custody of one of the Inheritances, the Gloves of Ethereum, and alongside Alabaster has implanted a shard of the Draconic Ruby of Sentience into his brain, elevating his already considerable intellect to the superhuman levels needed to track and execute his multitude of duties. It is likely he has a number of lesser magical items.

Personal History

Errol joined the famous crew of the "Amiga's Wind" before it was known as such, when Alabaster Krauss was still serving on the "Sword of Volarai". Errol accompanied and subsequently served Alabaster on his legendary exploits, rising to power in his wake. (see campaigns: The Second Devaic War)


Lord Dorthain

The prior Lord Dorthain was among the many nobles killed by Morgan in the Feast of Dangerous Wine. (I don't remember what the event is called in-world, will alter later.) Errol was among a number of crew-men of the "Amiga's Wind" who, having served with distinction, were appointed to the vacant lordships. The duties of the office not extending far beyond trivially maintaining estates and occasional parties and meetings, Errol primarily uses it as a covert means of maintaining contact with Alabaster Krauss for their cryptomantic research, and Dominique Marcelline to help maintain commonality of purpose in their espionage networks.

General of the Alfryche Marches

After the region was retaken in the Battle for Hetushmanennanai, Errol was awarded martial powers over the former Dourlinglech states occupied by elven forces. He arranged for those tens of thousands of Dourling refugees under Dom, prophet of Glorm who were willing to return to the lands where they suffered legendary depredation at the hands of the invaders to take over abandoned properties and farms within and near Hetushmanennanai to keep the city alive, and diverted surplus food to the standing armies allied nations had left to guard the marches, in turn guarding more (primarily) Dourling resettlers. Regions closer to the post-war Alfryche border-space were divided into admiralities and lordships, many still unclaimed. The occasional flares of violence in the volume make other frontiers more appealing to most enterprising lordlings, and even the proximity of a powerful protective army serves as an unwelcome reminder that they are far from the highest power in the region.

Liason to the Krauss Admirality

Errol was present at the rediscovery of Praesal's Tower of Doors and assumed a leading role in the exploration, research, and construction that followed in the next few months which established the tower as Alabaster's seat of power and the launching . Currently used largely for recruitment and research, Errol enjoys complete access to Praesal's network of gates, the most significant concentration of applied cryptomantic theory in the known world, and is on friendly terms (albeit the friendship of superior to subordinates) with its caretakers. It is in the capacity of this office that Alabaster and Errol overtly conduct their cryptomantic research, exploring the mystical underpinnings of space, time, and the nature of Yra's unique properties. It is also an uneasy vantage point to monitor the Scourge of Khanakhet's relentless expansion in the Storm Zone, a problem that really needs to be dealt with one of these days…

Chief of the Plane of Fire Border Guard

Strongly related to the above, the easiest way from Yra to the elemental planes is through the permanent portals in Praesal's tower. The portal to the plane of fire (opening only a few dozen miles from the City of Brass) now opens into a keep operated by Errol. It serves as both barrier against unwanted interdimensional interlopers and a customs point for lucrative interplanar trade. Similar arrangements have been undertaken at the other elemental planar portals (major prizes were awarded to the cryptomancers who developed the keeps in the planes of water and air) but they are held in common with the Admirality; only the Fire Keep is under Errol's sole command. Covert assistance is being granted to the Djinni of the plane of Air in their anti-slavery war against the Effreeti of the plane of Fire via trade manipulation and occasional (extremely sneaky) direct aid.

Alliance Grand Admiral of Unconventional Warfare

Cryptomancers from the Tower of Doors, soldiers from the Allied Fleet, Alfish guerillas eager to earn back their nation and honor, Dourling infiltrators hungry for revenge… Errol has personally recruited over a thousand of the most promising, devoted, and above all circumspect individuals to ensure that the Alfryche, still under the control of aboleths and other abominations, is unable to reignite the Devaic war. Started in the weeks after the Allied offensive penetrated the heart of the empire, Errol's primary activity for years has been countering the horrifying alien intellects whose corrosive influence steered the world into the most terrible war it had known in centuries. The deep games of misdirection, feint and counterfeint, and occasional explosion of overt conflict roil furiously back and forth beneath the surface of uneasy peace.

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