Mikhail, The Hand of Veils, level 21
Changeling, Cleric/Avenger, Favored Soul, Raven Knight
Hybrid Cleric Option: Battle Cleric's Lore
Hybrid Avenger Option: Hybrid Avenger Reflex
Hybrid Talent Option: Channel Divinity (Hybrid Cleric)
Arcane Student Who Saw Too Much (Arcane Student Who Saw Too Much Benefit)
Theme: Windlord

STR 22, CON 14, DEX 18, INT 10, WIS 22, CHA 16

STR 16, CON 10, DEX 12, INT 8, WIS 16, CHA 12

AC: 35 Fort: 35 Ref: 32 Will: 36
HP: 127 Surges: 9 Surge Value: 31

Acrobatics +21, Insight +25, Perception +23, Stealth +21

Arcana +12, Athletics +18, Bluff +17, Diplomacy +15, Dungeoneering +18, Endurance +14, Heal +18, History +12, Intimidate +17, Nature +18, Religion +15, Streetwise +15, Thievery +16

Basic Attack: Melee Basic Attack
Basic Attack: Ranged Basic Attack
Windlord Attack: Wind Fury Attack
Changeling Racial Power: Changeling Disguise
Changeling Racial Power: Changeling Trick
Cleric Utility: Healing Word
Avenger Feature: Oath of Enmity
Cleric Feature: Healer's Mercy
Feat Utility: Solar Enemy
Feat Utility: Loving Sacrifice
Assassin Feature: Shadow Step
Cleric Attack 1: Brand of the Moon
Avenger Attack 1: Radiant Vengeance
Cleric Attack 1: Healing Strike
Avenger Utility 2: Silver Shadow
Cleric Utility 6: Stream of Life
Avenger Attack 9: Temple of Shadow
Cleric Utility 10: Battle Surge
Favored Soul Attack 11: Radiant Rush
Favored Soul Utility 12: Wings of Angels
Avenger Attack 13: Cloud of Souls
Cleric Attack 15: Aura of Astral Radiance
Avenger Utility 16: Refire the Forge
Cleric Attack 17: Sever the Source
Cleric Attack 19: Holy Wrath
Favored Soul Attack 20: Celestial Skirmish

Level 1: Hybrid Talent
Level 2: Fickle Servant
Level 4: Improved Defenses
Level 6: Weapon Proficiency (Fullblade)
Level 8: Mighty Crusader Expertise
Level 10: Solar Enemy
Level 11: Painful Oath
Level 12: Gambler's Word
Level 14: Loving Sacrifice
Level 16: Mark of Healing
Level 20: Acolyte of the Veil
Level 21: Hand of Divine Guidance
Level 21: Radiant Advantage

Holy Avenger Fullblade +5
Iron Armbands of Power (paragon tier)
Healer's Brooch +4
Gloves of the Healer (paragon tier)
Necklace of Prayer Beads +2
Reality Cord
Boots of the Fencing Master
Crown of the Dream King
Siberys Shard of Radiance (paragon tier)
Battle Standard of Healing
Ruby Scabbard
Handy Haversack
Ioun's Revelation (level 3)
Exodus Knife
Spymaster's Quill
Sun Globe
Reading Spectacles
Hedge Wizard's Gloves
Shroud of Protection
Everlasting Provisions
Adventurer's Kit
Climber's Kit
Camouflaged Clothing
Disguise Kit
Inquisitive's Kit
Chirurgeon's tools
Doctrinal book
Investigation gear
Circlet of Indomitability (heroic tier)
Ring of Shadow Guard x1
Imposter's Stormscale Armor +4
Gentle Repose
Comrades' Succor
Delay Affliction
Speak with Dead
Cure Disease
Spirit Idol
Raise Dead
Remove Affliction
Fantastic Recuperation
Aberrant Totemic Link
Mental Block (paragon tier)
Pelor's Sun Blessing (level 13)
Insight of the Vault

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